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Jiangjyun District is a coastal township at the west of Tainan City, and lies in the southwest region of the Jianan Plain. Neighboring districts include Syuejia and Jiali to the east and Cigu to the south. The Taiwan Straits and Penghu Islands lie off the west coast of Jiangjyun. To the north would be the Jiangjyun River and Beimen District. Jiangjyun District is rectangular in shape, and runs 8.7 km from east to west and 5.9 km from north to south, occupying a total area of 43 square kilometers.

The District has a total of 12 villages distributed according to the local environment. These villages are Changrong, Yushan, GuangshanChangshaPingshaKunshenKunmingSijiaJhongjiaLingzailiaoSiangpu, Jiangjun, Jiangjyun District is part of Tainan's residential community and contains a number of agricultural and fishing communities. In terms of transportation, the West Coastal Highway runs through this District. The entirety of Jiangjyun District can be divided into 6 major districts of Ouwang, Lingzailiao, Jiangjyun, Shanzaijiao, Mashagou, and Cingkunshen.