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Jiangjyun District is a classical fishing settlement situated on the West Coast of Tainan City and the southwest of the Jianan Plain. Geographical neighbors of Jiangjyun include Syuejia and Jiali districts to the east, Cigu district to the south, the Taiwan Strait and Penghu Islands off the western coast, as well as the Jiangjyun River and Beimen District to the north. Jiangjyun District is rectangular in shape, and runs 8.7 km from east to west and 5.9 km from north to east, occupying an area of about 43 square kilometers. Most residents’ farm and fish for a living. Recreational and touristic fishing are replacing traditional fishing due to current poor fishing performances.


Jiangjyun District is home to Tainan City's only legal Mashagou Coastal Recreational Park. The area includes a SPA, 360o water slides, family swimming pools, and areas where one can enjoy and appreciate the setting sun. The District also includes the Jiangjyun Fish Harbor, which is the largest and newest fish harbor in the Tainan City port area that also offers the most diverse selection of the sea's produce. Local cuisine such as oyster omelettes, dried shrimps, karasumi (wuyuzih), rice vermicelli with mullet, and rice vermicelli with white pomfret, red crab porridge, milkfish belly, carrots, greater burdocks, and salt land tomatoes are some of the famous dishes that await hungry visitors.