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District Executive

The District Executive is under the City Mayor’s supervision and order and acts according to the guidance of the Chief of the Bureau of Civil Affairs. The District Executive is put in charge of district administration and the supervision of its employees.


Chief Secretary 

Assist the District Executive in managing district administration and coordinating tasks in different sections and offices.


Civil Affairs and Humanities Section

Autonomous administration, elections, district-level disaster prevention and relief, village activity center management, environmental health advocacy, mediation services, funeral services, folk customs and religious rituals, ancestor worship guilds, military service administration, land administration, 37.5% arable rent reduction, civil defense, non-urban land control, indigenous and Hakka affairs, library management, national education, sports, culture and arts, celebrations and festivals, heritage sites and historical documents, tourism promotion, and other civil administration and cultural affairs.



Social Affairs Section

Social administration, social welfare, social assistance, National Health Insurance, National Pension, labor administration, community development, community activity center management, new immigrant services, counseling for social groups, victim shelters and settlement, employment counseling, and other social and general affairs.



Agricultural and Infrastructure Section

Investigation and management of agricultural, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries, agricultural promotion, civil engineering, traffic management, water and road engineering, construction, maintenance engineering, street lamps and road trees management, construction and maintenance of sports venues and activity centers, investigation and reporting of illegal buildings, park maintenance and management, parking lots administration, industrial and business management, and other agricultural and infrastructure affairs.



General Affairs Section 

Documents, seals, archives, general affairs, meetings, cashier, research, development, and evaluation, information technology, legal affairs, public relations, and affairs irrelevant to other sections or offices. 

Personnel Office 

Implement HR management in compliance to the relevant laws.



Accounting Office 

Implement annual budgeting, accounting, and statistics in compliance to the relevant laws.


Civil Service Ethics Office 

Implement civil service ethics in compliance to the relevant laws.