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》Karasumi (wuyuzih)


Karasumi is the preserved roe-filled ovaries of the gray mullet. The gray mullet is a migrating fish that travels back and forth between temperate and tropical zones, and can be seen throughout the world's temperate and tropical climates. There are three sources of karasumi: gray mullets caught at sea, gray mullets raised in freshwater fisheries, and those imported from other countries. To acquire premium gray mullet roe from the region, visitors are recommended to visit Cingkunshen from a familiar dealer before Dongjhih (winter solstice).



A pot of stewed beef or salad would be incomplete without the humble carrot. Carrots are highly nutritious and known for their sweetness and beautifying effects. Jiangjyun District plants a total of 500 hectares of carrots every year. Planting begins in October, and farmers harvest the grown carrots by spring of the following year. After Chinese New Year, visitors can travel along the farming roads within this district to witness farmers busy pulling out the carrots by hand. You are more than welcome to try this out yourself, picking more than your fair share even if it were just the ones not good enough for sale. There are more than enough of them and they are guaranteed to be more delicious than those sold on the market.

》Pickled mustards

Pickled mustards

Pickled mustards are an exquisite delicacy, providing uniquely sour and salty flavors and crunchy textures. Pickled mustards are made using round heading mustards. Freshly harvested mustards must be sun dried for two to three days to remove some of the water prior to the pickling process. The traditional pickling process would take at least three or more months, and up to six months to acquire the optimum flavors. Mustards would assume a dark yellow and semi-transparent color after soaking in the pickling solution. Some consumers, however, prefer a bright yellow color that necessitates the use of food coloring. Ouwang pickles are still made traditionally in large wooden casks, producing some of the highest quality pickles. Visit Ouwang before the Dongjhih (winter solstice) and witness how they're made, and don't forget to buy some of these delicious pickles to take home.




Asparagus has a season that lasts throughout the year. The first six months would be the growing period, while the following six months would be the harvesting period. Most of the asparaguses in Jiangjyun District are grown outdoors, but some farmers have adopted tunnel houses with cover meshes to enhance yield over the last 3 years.
Asparaguses grown locally in Jiangjyun are known for their quality and exquisite texture. Since June 2013, Wowprime Steakhouse Corporation has signed a supplier's contract through the Farmer's Association for Jiangjyun asparaguses to be part of their high quality food ingredients.